5 Tips to find Internships Abroad

Breaking through the tough Australian job market can be quite a challenge for many international students. Paid or unpaid, that’s why internships are important to gain your hands-on experience in the industry you want to work for.

However, for many foreign students, finding an internship can sometimes be just as difficult as finding a job. To increase your chances of success, here are some simple tips that can help you achieve that dream experience.

Research and weigh your options

Australia offers numerous internship opportunities for international students. So take your time, assess your options and choose what is best for you. Also consider whether it is better to go through the internship process yourself or to use an internship agency.

Contact interest groups

If there is a particular company you would like to work for, check their website to see if they offer internship programs to foreign students. If you cannot find any information, please contact the organization directly via email and express your genuine interest in future vacancies. You can also check out some online portals dedicated to helping foreign students looking for an internship.

Know your area of ​​interest

While Australia has many internship positions available in a wide range of sectors (i.e. business, IT and engineering), it is still important to research your interests, field of study and other possible internship areas where you can use your skills in case there is no available position in a field you wish to pursue.

Speak to your institution

Each institution has a different policy when it comes to internships. You may want to check with your International Student Support Officer for opportunities available at the institution. Chances are they have the resources that you may not have access to on your own to steer you in the right direction.

Create a resume

Now that you’ve compiled a list of companies and areas of interest where you’re likely to intern, it’s time to craft a stunning resume. Make sure your resume highlights your core competencies and achievements and that they are relevant to the position you want to pursue.

Need more information about doing an internship in Australia?

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