Fairer Future Global Scholarship 2023/2024


If you're passionate about the idea of ​​paving the way to a sustainable future for generations to come and receiving a quality education at a renowned academic institution that rewards your commitment to a proactive green initiative in more ways than one, then read on.

When it comes to exploring the many ways to earn your college degree abroad, there are many factors to consider before making this life-changing decision.

There is no doubt that the financial aspect of pursuing an international university education is one of the main concerns, especially for students from developing countries. However, most agree that students' vision, interests and aspirations are the most important considerations when laying the foundations for their higher education abroad.

With this in mind, universities and colleges around the world offer scholarships to local and international students, allowing them to benefit from a high-quality education at affordable tuition fees, while strengthening their commitment to a variety of environmental, humanitarian and charitable causes.

Enthusiastic about the environment? The Global Fairer Future Scholarship is your chance!

If you are looking for a promising scholarship to apply for in 2023, you are in luck. One of the promising scholarships to be offered next year is the University of Hull Global Scholarship for a Fairer Future: an opportunity for motivated and ambitious undergraduate students who want to shape the future into a brighter, cleaner tomorrow to receive a 50% discount on the tuition fees for their 3-year program from September 2023 . Needless to say, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for international students aspiring to lead humanity towards a greener future by receiving high quality education from a prestigious British academic institution which will pay half of the full tuition fees.

the price

According to the University of Hull's Strategic Plan 2030, the prestigious British institution attaches great importance to environmental sustainability and social justice. They claim to have a mission to advance education, science, knowledge and understanding through education and research, for the benefit of individuals and society. Inspired by the power of the global community to shape a fairer, better, carbon-neutral future, the university created this scholarship to give back to the community and the environment.

However, 17 lucky “green” applicants from around the world will have the opportunity to receive a 50% scholarship for the duration of the eligible university course they wish to undertake in September 2023.


To be eligible for the Fairer Future Global Scholarship, international students must be enrolled in one of the following eligible undergraduate programs offered by the University of Hull:

College of Arts, Cultures and EducationBachelor's degree in Criminology

Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Sociology

Bachelor of Educational Sciences

Bachelor of Educational Studies (with TESOL)

Faculty of Business, Law and Policy Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration with Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Business Administration with Logistics and Supply Chain

Bachelor of Marketing

Bachelor's degree in Financial Management

Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations


College of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Sports and Sports Nutrition

Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Sports Training and Performance

Bachelor's degree in physical therapy

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

College of Science and Engineering Bachelor's degree in Biology

Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology

Bachelor of Geography

Bachelor's degree in Geography

Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Zoology

Eligibility requirements

  • To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • You have received an offer to study on one of the eligible courses listed above.
  • You have never studied at university level in the UK.
  • You are classified as an international student for fee payment purposes.
  • Do not receive financial sponsorship from a governmental or commercial sponsoring organization.
  • Complete the Fairer Future Global Scholarship Application Form.
  • Provided a reference for the purpose of scholarship selection to your high school teacher or counselor.

final date

All applications for the Fairer Future Global Scholarship must be submitted before 31 May 2023 at 23:59 GMT.

How to apply

All applicants must complete an online form to be considered for the scholarship.

Click here for full details of eligibility and conditions.